8 Money Mistakes Keeping You Broke!


One of the most IMPORTANT skill sets you HAVE to master today is financial literacy.

You could make millions of dollars per year but if you don’t learn how to MASTER money and financial literacy, you can still go broke.

Don’t believe me?

Mike Tyson made over $500 MILLION in his boxing career and still ended up filing bankruptcy.

Growing up on food stamps in Detroit Michigan, I had to go out on my own and learn the three rules of money: How to GET money, how to PROTECT money, and how to MULTIPLY money.

Learn what money mistakes to avoid so you can KEEP and GROW the money you earn.

In the new episode of the Tony Stephan Show I teach you 8 of the biggest money mistakes that are keeping you broke.

Some of them may surprise you!

We discuss money mistakes such as:

  • Not setting financial goals and budgets with your partner.
  • Being CRAP.
  • Using BAD debt to finance your lifestyle.

And several other important lessons that you must learn for financial freedom and success.

I get so many people who reach out to me who are interested in investing in real estate, or starting a successful online coaching business.

You can’t do either if you don’t learn how to MANAGE and PROTECT your money.

Let me show you how.

Watch the full episode here:

Or, listen to it on your drive home.

Whether you’re looking to improve your current financials, grow your wealth, or gain the insights to start investing in real estate, this video is packed with tactical information that you can begin to apply today!

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To your success.


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