3 Lies Robbing You From Success In Your Business


Are you frustrated by working day after day, week after week, month after month and STILL not seeing success in your business? If so, you’re not alone. There are so many entrepreneurs out there today who aren’t happy with the growth, development, or results they see in their business. If this is true for you, it’s possible that you’ve fallen prey to three common lies.

Want success in your business? Watch out for these 3 lies …


Lie #1: Having your own business gives you time freedom.

Yes, it’s true that working for yourself means you can control your calendar.

But, most entrepreneurs end up working FAR MORE hours when they are building their company compared to the hours at at typical 9-5 job. If you are trying to build or grow a business it requires TIME and PASSION and EFFORT.

Only after you’ve built success can you implement SCALE and buy back your time.

In the beginning of owning and running a business, you’re broke – so you use your time to grow it.

When you have success in your business, you have money but not time – so you use money to buy back your time!

Lie #2: Entrepreneurs have a work/life balance.

This one kills me! Listen, my wife and I don’t have balance, we have work/life MIX.

We work weekends.
We work holidays.
We work at 6am and 9pm.

But we get SO many benefits like Wednesday date nights, random trips during the week, always spending time with our puppies, etc.

The truth is, entrepreneurs have work life INTEGRATION and MIX, not balance.

Lie #3: Invest in real estate (or another business) and you’ll get passive income.

Yes, owning 87 units of real estate like my wife and I do provides monthly CASH FLOW and long term APPRECIATION.

But, if you want your investments to succeed, you have to ACTIVELY manage them.

We have to find the rental properties, negotiate the debt, fill the units, and take care of the tenants to secure that monthly cash flow and appreciation.

Where FOCUS goes ENERGY flows. Even if you own real estate, if you keep your focus on it, your investment will perform MUCH better than if you just neglect it.

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